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Purloin Studio Coffeehouse

7am-3pm Tuesday – Friday

9am-3pm Saturday


We are a Valentine Coffee coffeehouse and proudly serve City Market bakery.  Take a seat  with your favorite beverage (we also serve tea, Pellegrino, and soda) and relax to the classic jazz and swing era music.  Love the fresh air? Have a seat at one of the tables on our front deck.  Looking for a mental workout? Play a game of chess with a friend or ask the barista for a game.

The Coffeehouse is an ideal setting to hold your small meeting.  Stop in and talk to us about meeting options!

Saturday’s are “Cinnamon Saturday” with delicious cinnamon rolls and scones in house from City Market.



Brazil Mogiana

From the Cocapec Cooperative farms in the Alta Mogiana region near Sao Paolo. Smooth and sweet, taste and smell roasted nut flavors in a bar of 70% cocoa. The finish is long and clean. Body : 4  |  Acidity : 1  |  Roast :  5

Bering Sea Blend

A blend of three coffees sourced from Africa, Indonesia, and the Americas. Complex, balanced and agreeable, smell dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut aromas, a spicy earthiness and hints of dark berry fruit. Body : 4  |  Acidity : 2  |  Roast : 4

Bali Blue Moon

Shade grown in the volcanic highlands of the Indonesian island of Bali. Beautifully bold, full bodied and rich with a surprising long, dark chocolate finish. Body – 5| Acidity – 1| Roast –5

Ethiopia Harrar

This “Queen City” is an exceptionally clean natural process coffee, with a classic Harrar profile: soft acidity, a sweet, round body and fulsome aromas suggesting blueberry and cranberry. Body:  3  Acidity:  2  Roast:  3

Java Jampit Estate

Situated on a mountain range in one of coffee’s oldest regions, the Jampit Estate offers a clean profile with notes of ripe tangerine, a luxurious body, and a rich chocolate and caramel finish.Body:  4  Acidity:  1  Roast:  3

Peru Norandino

The NORANDINO co-op farms the ideal coffee lands in northwestern Peru. Light citrus notes and a smooth, silky body lead to a creamy, milk chocolate finish.    Body:  3   Acidity:  3   Roast:  3

Sumatra Lintong 

Pure and unblended Lintong coffee, grown without chemicals on a high plateau on the west side of Sumatra’s Lake Toba. Rich, full body with light acidity. Taste dark chocolate, spice, and layers of dried strawberry & cherry. Body:  5    Acidity:  2    Roast:  5



The City Market has long been recognized for its artisan breads and handmade pastries. Their long time bakers and pastry chef have taken great pride in perfecting their crafts. While the selection will vary daily, we usually have on hand a great selection of Muffins, Scones, Cookies, Brownies, Cupcakes, Health Bars and Artisan Breads and Rolls. 

We can custom order bread, rolls or bakery for you! Just ask us.